Jeffrey Dekleyn
Jeffrey Dekleyn.jpg
Age 33
Race White
Sex Male
Location Hamilton, Ontario
Disappeared December 3, 1992
Missing for 28 years
Height 6'
Weight 140-141 pounds
Classification Endangered missing

Jeffrey Dekleyn (also as Dignard, born February 4, 1959) was a man who disappeared from Hamilton, Ontario in 1992.


On the day of his disappearance at 1:35pm, Jeffrey was last seen on an RBC bank surveillance camera, making a withdrawal from an ATM machine. He hasn't been seen from since then.


  • Dark brown unkempt hair, medium length.
  • Full beard and mustache.
  • Sideburns.
  • Slender build.
  • Light complexion.
  • He was described by his family as being depressed
  • His teeth were in good condition.
  • Walked with a limp.
  • He may display early symptoms of Huntington's Disease, which may result in him exhibiting behavior similar to alcohol impairment.
  • Has a scar which runs from the front to back, on the abdomen from a surgery to remove a kidney.


  • Blue 'Labatts Blue' baseball cap.
  • Black sweatshirt.
  • Blue denim pants.
  • Brown bomber-style jacket with 'Dempster's Beard' on the left chest.


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