Jenkins County Jane Doe
Sex Female
Race Asian/White/Hispanic
Location Millen, Georgia
Found February 14, 1988
Unidentified for 33 years
Postmortem interval 4-7 days
Body condition Decomposed
Age approximation 16-25
Height approximation 5'4-5'6
Weight approximation 135-145 pounds
Cause of death Asphyxiation (homicide)

Jenkins County Jane Doe was a teenager or young adult found murdered on February 14, 1988. She had been asphyxiated.


Three people discovered her body in a dumpster upon noticing a foul odor coming from there. There had been reports prior to February 14 about an odor coming from the dumpster, but the source of the smell was not investigated.

The victim was placed inside of a duffle bag after being wrapped in plastic. It is unknown if she was placed in the plastic before or after her death. Bedding items described as "embroidered" and "ornate" were also found with the body, which was placed in a dumpster near a road.

No clothing has been reported to have been found with the victim. A rape kit produced negative results, but other forms of unconventional sexual assault have not explicitly been ruled out.

Decomposition made it difficult to impossible to determine much of her features, and her initial reconstruction is described to have "not depicted her as well as [investigators] would have liked." One of the features in question was her eye color, which was listed as impossible to determine by some sources, although the Georgia Bureau of Investigation claims her eyes were brown.

  • It is known that she was of an Asian race, although she could have had white ancestry. An initial autopsy report states that she was possibly Hispanic without mentioning any possibility of her being Caucasian. In the decades since her disappearance, some have posited that she was Native American.
  • Some of her front teeth were crooked, but she had taken good care of her teeth. Not long before she died, she had one of her molars removed.
  • Her hair was fairly long and was a brownish color.



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