Jennifer Kesse
Jennifer Kesse.jpgProgressed to 33
Age 24
Race White
Sex Female
Location Orlando, Florida
Disappeared January 23, 2006
Missing for 14 years
Height 5'8"
Weight 130 pounds
Classification Suspected homicide

Jennifer Kesse (born May 20, 1981) is a missing woman from Florida.


On January 23, 2006, at 11:00 AM Jennifer Kesse's employer contacted her parents about her not calling or showing up for work, which was stated to be unusual for her. When her parents arrived 2 hours later at her condominium, it was found that her 2004 Chevrolet Malibu was missing. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary inside her condo, and evidence was present of Jennifer getting ready and leaving for work. Fliers were later distributed by friends and family, and a large search party was organized to find her, to no avail.

Her car was found three days later at another apartment complex 1.2 miles away, being dropped off by a man who is currently the main person of interest in the case. Detectives found valuables inside of the car, indicating that robbery was not the motive. The car had also been almost entirely wiped down. Her cell phone was also unable to be pinged due to being powered off, and her credit card had not been used since her disappearance.

The case is currently open and being investigated by the FBI, where she remains on their Top 10 Missing Persons list. The company Kesse worked at offered a $1 million reward for information of where whereabouts, under the stipulation that she had to be alive. The Central Florida Crimeline is offering a $5,000 reward for her whereabouts is still available.

Persons of Interest

A man was seen on the apartment's surveillance system dropping the car off at the complex at about noon, the day she disappeared, and then walking away from the car. The type of system that was used was one where the camera snapped a picture of the scene every few seconds, rather than video. Due to this, the man's face is obstructed by a fence post during all 3 shots where he is in the frame, leading investigators to dub this man "The Luckiest Person of Interest Ever." The FBI and NASA have tried to help identify the man in the video, but could only determine his height at around 5'3 to 5'5.

A large renovation had also been underway during the time she disappeared, and Jennifer had stated to her current boyfriend that many of the workers would whistle at her and harass her. Many of the workers were non-English speaking, and it is unknown if they were undocumented immigrants. It is unknown who these men were or if they had anything to do with the man seen with Kesse's car.



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