Jennifer Marteliz
Jennifer sophia marteliz 4.jpgProgressed to 38
Age 7
Race Hispanic
Sex Female
Location Tampa, Florida
Disappeared November 15, 1982
Missing for 37 years
Height 3'6-4'
Weight 60-70 pounds
Classification Suspected homicide

Jennifer Sophia "Firecracker" Marteliz was a child who went missing in 1982. Foul play is suspected in her case.


At 3pm on November 15, 1982, Marteliz was last seen by a friend walking from school to her family home.


The primary suspect in Marteliz's disappearance is Thomas Peter Welnicki, a friend of the Marteliz family.

When questioned by law enforcement regarding Firecracker's disappearance, Thomas claimed to have a vision of her kidnapping. Wherein she was abducted by a man in his forties with a criminal history and a blonde man in his twenties who she knew and trusted.

Law enforcement drew a connection between the blonde man in Thomas's vision and Thomas himself and therefore believe his vision was a veiled confession. Thomas denies this and has never been formally charged in connection with her disappearance.


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