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Age 19
Race White
Sex Female
Location Omaha, Nebraska
Disappeared May 10, 2006
Missing for 13 years
Height 5'0 - 5'9
Weight 135 - 150 pounds
Classification Homicide

Jessica Jo O'Grady was an American college student who went missing in May 2006. Her boyfriend was tried and convicted of her murder, yet her body was never found.


Jessica never returned to her apartment after stating she was "going over to Chris' house." Her friends assumed it was either her friend or her boyfriend, both of which had the name. Chris Edwards, her boyfriend was eventually convicted of killing her that night, as a significant amount of blood was found on a mattress at his house and matched Jessica's DNA. A sword found in his possession also had Jessica's DNA on it.

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The motive for her murder was likely relationship-related. Edwards was also in a relationship with another woman, who was pregnant with his child. Jessica had told him that she was also pregnant, which may have led him to choose between the two.

Although he maintains his innocence, Chris Edwards is serving a century in prison for Jessica's murder, although her body was never found. She was proved to be deceased, as someone who would have lost the amount of blood that was found at the murder scene could not have survived.


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