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Joachim Bruckauf is a young man who went missing from Tengen-Blumenfeld, Germany on October 25, 1984.


17-year-old Joachim moved from Berlin to Baden-Württemberg to live with his grandparents after a difficult period. He leave at 8 p.m. on the evening of his disappearance for a billiard tournament, but is never seen again.

In July 2018 the police received two anonymous letters where a convicted murderer was accused of having committed another murder in 1984. According to these letters, the accused is said to have picked up Joachim as a hitchhiker, killed him and disposed of him in a forest. This could not be verified, as the convicted murderer Roland Kübler had already died in prison in May 2017.


  • Very slim.
  • Dark wavy hair.
  • Brown eyes.
  • Tattoo of Ninjastern on right forearm.


  • Dark blue thermal pants.
  • Black leather jacket.
  • Dark blue slippers.
  • Polo Shirt.
  • Billiardcoe (separable into two parts) in beige leather cases.