"Jock Doe" was a young man who was shot to death on the morning of August 9, 1976. His companion, the Sumter County Jane Doe was found near his body, also shot. Neither of the two have been identified.

He is currently undergoing testing by the DNA Doe Project, alongside his companion. As of September 2020, he and his companion's DNA has been successfully extracted and research is in process.


Jock was found murdered, shot three times by unknown assailants. It is believed that the vehicle he was driving was hijacked and the pair were then murdered.

Jock was seen alive with his female companion and befriended a man who he played pool with. The unidentified man stated his name was "Jock," most likely "Jacques," and was traveling with his girlfriend after being disowned by his father for not pursuing a career in the medical field.

Both victims had a significant amount of dental work, indicating they were upper-class. Both were well groomed and are believed to have traveled through various states, as the female wore jewelry that appeared to be handmade by Native Americans.

During Jock Doe's autopsy and dental examination, it was believed that he had participated in contact sports, such as football and basketball in life, possibly in school or college. His age was estimated to have been between twenty and twenty-two, although the dental examiner believed he was over 27.




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