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John Begolo
Age 48
Race White
Sex Male
Location Eganville, Ontario
Disappeared September 8, 1973[1]
Missing for 48 years
Height 5'9"
Weight 165 pounds
Classification Not stated

John Begolo (born 1925) is a man who went missing from Eganville, Ontario.


John left with a group of friends to attend the Renfrew County Fair in Renfrew, Ontario. Due to an argument, John got out of the car when it was near a stop sign in Eganville.

John went to the Eganville Hotel for a drink and was later met by other friends and stayed for a few hours.

John has indicated that he was planning to return to St. Catharines, Ontario by bus, he never returned home. Later that evening, a friend asked the others where he was. He was told that John had gone to the Golden Lake Reserve with two indigenous males.

It was believed by police that John didn't head to Golden Lake. Over the years, numerous searches were conducted by police in the area.


  • Short, brown hair.
  • Brown eyes.
  • Medium build.
  • Thin mustache.
  • Dark complexion.
  • Has an unspecified scar on his top left hand.
  • Has a scar on his right which occurred in 1943 during WWII.
  • Has a few tattoos;
    • Tattoo of a nude woman entwined by a snake on his left forearm.
    • Tattoo of a bird with "Mother" banner on his right forearm.
    • Tattoo of a Canadian flag and maple leaf on his right forearm.



  1. Ontario's Missing Adults lists his date of disappearance as August 31, 1973.