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John Colonna Aponte
Colonnaaponte john.jpgProgressed to 38
Age 12
Race White/Hispanic
Sex Male
Location Puerto Rico
Disappeared May 5, 1974
Missing for 47 years
Height 5
Weight 119 pounds
Classification Not stated

John Colonna Aponte was a young boy who disappeared alongside his sister, Giannina. Their case remains unsolved, although their mother declared both children to be legally dead in 2012.


On the day of their disappearances, Giannina and John were supposed to meet up with a family friend and go to the beach with him and his children. However, both children apparently never arrived.

Eights months after their disappearances, a man named Thomas Rodriguez died by suicide in Florida and left a note explaining that he played a role in the kidnapping of both children for $72,000 ransom. Authorities believe this to be a likely possibility, though no arrests have ever been made in the case.