This case contains graphic content that may not be suitable for all readers.

John Doe I was the first canon victim of the Cleveland Torso Murderer.


The victim as found by police in weeds at East 49th Street and Praha Avenue, at the foot of Jackass Hill. This victim's body was saturated with oil and set fire. However, since the body was applied with a chemical substance, the skin was left red, leathery, and tough. The same day, thirty feet from the victim, two boys discovered the nude, decapitated, and emasculated body of Edward Andrassy. Andrassy, who lived an impoverished lifestyle when he died, was killed two to three days prior while this victim was killed a week to four weeks prior.

The victim, called "John Doe I," is also referred to as "Victim #1" of the Cleveland Torso Killer. Between 1935-1938, the Cleveland Torso Killer was responsible for the murder and dismemberment of twelve transients and hobos in which only two were ever identified. Investigators believe there are additional victims. Although investigators had several suspects, most notably Frank Dolezal and Dr. Francis E. Sweeney, no one was ever charged and convicted for the murders.

"John Doe I" was buried in the Potter's Field Section of Highland Park Cemetery in Highland Park, Ohio.


  • The man was missing a testicle, although it may have been lost after death.
  • Dark brown hair.


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