This case contains graphic content that may not be suitable for all readers.

"John Doe VI" was the tenth canon, but last discovered, victim of the Cleveland Torso Murderer.


The victim's skeletal remains were found in a dump at the end of East Ninth Street while searching for the remains of an unidentified female that was also found on the same day. Both remains were also found in front of Cleveland Safety Director’s Elliot Ness’ office window in plain sight.

The victim, called "John Doe VI," is also referred to as "Victim #12" of the Cleveland Torso Killer. Between 1935-1938, the Cleveland Torso Killer was responsible for the murder and dismemberment of twelve transients and hobos in which only two were ever identified. Investigators believe there are additional victims. Although investigators had several suspects, most notably Frank Dolezal and Dr. Francis E. Sweeney, no one was ever charged and convicted for the murders.


  • Long and course dark brown hair.


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