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* {{NamUs|2688|John Valentine}}
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* {{Doe Network|1477umny.html|John Valentine}}
* [https://www.nydailynews.com/new-york/unsolved-murder-child-haunts-rockaways-article-1.1263261#ixzz2zx2D3rR4 NY Daily News]

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John Valentine
Queens jd.jpg
Sex Male
Race Unknown

(Possibly Hispanic)

Location Queens, New York
Found February 5, 2005
Unidentified for 13 years
Postmortem interval Weeks-months
Body condition Decomposed
Age approximation 1-5
Height approximation 3'0"
Weight approximation 36 lbs.
Cause of death Homicide

"John Valentine" was a child found murdered in 2005.


The body of a boy, placed in a duffel bag and wrapped in a sheet, was found on Rockaway Beach in Queens, NY. His cause of death has not been specifically stated, but it is being investigated as a homicide after discovering multiple unhealed fractures to his ribs and vertebrae.

Investigators suspect that he may have been disposed of on a boat, or the murder may have happened overseas.

Physical Description

  • He was most likely between three and five years old.
  • He had black hair.
  • He had previously fractured his right humerus, which was in the process of healing when he died.


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