Jonathan Jackson
Age 31
Race Black
Sex Male
Location Agana Heights, Guam
Disappeared June 9, 1987
Missing for 33 years
Height N/A
Weight N/A
Classification Suspected homicide
Jonathan Bruce Jackson (born circa. 1956) was a man who disappeared in Guam under suspicious circumstances in 1987.


Jonathan, a used-car salesman, left his Agana Heights home at 8:00PM on June 9, 1987 to go out with coworkers and have drinks with them. When he did not return the next morning, his wife, who was pregnant with their daughter at the time, reported him missing to the police.

His maroon Mazda hatchback was found at the Guam Airport with blood inside of it. A check of recent airline tickets purchased at the airport showed that a ticket to Chuuk, an island in Micronesia 633 miles southeast of Guam, was purchased under his name for a June 14 flight. He never boarded the plane and it is unknown if he bought the ticket or someone else bought it under his name.

Jonathan's wife had him declared legally dead and she and their daughter still live in Guam. It is strongly believed foul play is involved in his case, but they are are no suspects. 


  • Black hair.
  • Brown eyes.


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