Jose Fernando was the possible name of a man found murdered in Bowie, Arizona on November 13, 2001.


The victim was found lying on a road. He was reportedly shot inside his car, then climbed out and died. He carried documents with the name Jose Fernando, but his exact association with these notes has not been disclosed. He was buried at Sunset Cemetery in Willcox, Arizona after no one came forward to identify him.

In March 2021, his fingerprints matched an individual who is known to have provided the names Jose Ribon-Romero and Antonio Trinidad Toluco. At this time, none of the names have been verified.


  • Black hair, one inch long.
  • Black eyes.
  • Tattoo of Jesus with a crown on his right deltoid (upper arm).

Clothing and accessories

  • Gray and green striped T-shirt.
  • Blue sweatpants.
  • Blue and white "Jockey" shorts.
  • One rubber sandal.
  • Note with Cochise County Records: "Jose Fernando, Tabasco, Mexico."

Grave at Sunset Cemetery.


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