Judy is the name believed to have been used by a a teenager or young woman found murdered in Altoona, Florida in 1984.


The partially skeletonized remains were found in a wooded area off of a foot path off a dirt road approximately 3 miles north of Hwy 42 (Altoona) and approximately 450 feet east of Hwy 19. Investigators were informed that she was new to the area, was possibly from California, and used the name Judy. It is unknown how the woman died, however it is believed she was murdered. Her DNA, dentals, and fingerprints are available for analysis.


  • Reddish-brown hair, that was fine and straight.
  • Her fingernails painted a coral or orange color.
  • Possible healed fractures to her ribs.
  • Her left ear was pierced, but the there was no earring present. It is unknown if her right ear was pierced.

Clothing and accessories

  • Wrangler blue jeans (waist size 24 inches)
  • Tan panties with brown trim
  • Black T-shirt reading "Here comes trouble"
  • Light colored shirt reading "Have you kissed your child tonite" on the front
  • Tan canvas shoes with blue trim
  • 15-inch metal necklace chain




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