Judy Ann Gifford (January 31, 1962 - October 1976) (also known by the last name Shin) was a teenager whose remains were discovered partially buried in sand behind the pumping station at Lake Merced in October 1976. She was identified in 2019 via her half-brother.


Gifford was initially believed to have disappeared sometime between 1974 and 1976 from San Francisco, California. Her body was later discovered by a pedestrian and his dog, who noticed one of her hands extending from the soil on the shore of Lake Merced. The postmortem interval was not specified but likely occurred on or a few days before October 1, 1976, as she was in a "recognizable" condition. Despite this, another news report states she died weeks before and was too decomposed for visual identification.

The remains were determined to be that of an Asian female between fifteen and twenty-five. She was fully clothed, except for footwear. No cause of death was listed publicly. Reportedly, she was identified through DNA comparison with her half-brother.



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