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Katowice Jane Doe was a female murder victim whose dismembered remains were found in an apartment in Katowice, Poland on June 1, 1967.


On June 1, 1967, Katowice law enforcement were notified about a putrid smell coming from the apartment of a tenant who had been missing for over a month. When they entered the premises, authorities were shocked to find the bodies of four females in varying states of decay, all covered with flies and maggots.

The tenant, an electrician named Bogdan Arnold, was arrested several days later on suspicion of being intoxicated. When brought to the police station, his fingerprints were matched those of the wanted man, who had been hiding in an abandoned warehouse. When outed, Arnold confessed to the murders, claiming that his bad experiences with his ex-wives had driven him to become a misogynistic alcoholic who killed prostitutes.

In the Jane Doe's case, the only one of his victims who remains unidentified, Bogdan claimed to have met her at the Mazur Bar on March 12, 1967. The two drank vodka together, and the woman agreed to spend the night with him. When they entered his apartment, Arnold proceeded to beat up, abuse and torture the unfortunate victim, in addition to raping her. Frightened, the woman called out for help, with Bogdan then grabbing a nearby cable and wrapping it around her neck, strangling her to death. He then proceeded to cut up the corpse, disposing of several pieces in a sewer pipe. He placed the body in the bathtub, while he boiled the head in a pot of water.

Bogdan Arnold was charged and subsequently convicted of the killings, expressing no remorse about his crimes. He was executed on December 16, 1968, and buried in a special cemetery for executed criminals. His grave no longer exists.


  • She may have been a sex worker


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