Kelly McGinniss
Kelly McGinniss.jpeg
Age 18
Race White
Sex Female
Location Des Moines, Washington
Disappeared June 28, 1983
Missing for 37 years
Height 5'5
Weight 160 pounds
Classification Suspected homicide

Kelly Kay McGinniss[1] is a suspected victim of Gary Ridgway who went missing in 1983.


McGinniss, a known prostitute, and transient had booked a motel room in Des Moines, Washington. She had previously claimed she was "dating" Ridgway when she disappeared and was last seen in his vehicle near a baseball field.

In 2003, Ridgway led authorities to remains he stated belonged to McGinniss. They were identified as a different victim; Ridgway admittedly confused the pair based on body-type.

Known aliases

  • "Andrea McGinniss"
  • "Kelly K. Dice/Mabich/Zabana"
  • "Patricia L. Decater/Dequier"
  • "Jennifer (Louise) Kau(f)fman/Hynes"
  • "Andrea (Marie) Hampton/London"
  • "Annette London"
  • "Martin Marie Jackson"
  • "Mary Ann McClinton"
  • "Dawn Michelle Murdoch"
  • "Susan (M.) Wilson/Watkins"
  • "Kim J. Scott"
  • "Deborah/Ann Wilson"


  • Her brown hair was dyed blond.
  • Her eyes were blue.
  • She had a stocky build.
  • Gave birth circa April 1982.


  • McGinniss was last seen wearing a camel fur coat.
  • Short sleeve, beige sweater.
  • Beige high-heels.



  • McGinniss' photograph appeared on Cold Case Files on the episode "Obsession: Dave Reichert and the Green River Killer."



  1. Her first name is also spelled as "Keli" or "Kelli" and her last as "McGinness."
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