Kim Doss
KimDoss.jpgAge progression to age 47
Age 16
Race White
Sex Female
Location Davenport, Iowa[1]
Disappeared September 27, 1982[2]
Missing for 38 years
Height 5'2
Weight 125 pounds
Classification Not stated

Kimberly Sue Doss (born February 12, 1966[3]) is a missing girl from Texas who disappeared in Iowa during a trip to visit her father.

Kim may be using the alias Kimberly Kathleen Gardner. Her disappearance is possibly a case of sex trafficking or a runaway girl. There are multiple and crucial inconsistencies surrounding the date, place and manner of her disappearance.

Doss is one of the remaining missing persons featured in the music video for Soul Asylum's song Runaway Train.


Kim was a resident of Houston, Texas at the time of her disappearance. She was last seen at a Greyhound bus station in Davenport, Iowa. She had taken the bus trip in order to visit her father but she never arrived at his house and her family hasn't heard from her again.

Thursday's Child, a charitable organization that assists homeless or at-risk teenagers, claimed to have made contact with Kimberly in 1984, two years after her disappearance. According to the charity, Kim was working as a prostitute on Hollywood Boulevard in Los Angeles, California, under a pimp named James Wiseman. She had straight, bleached blonde hair and was using the name Kimberly Gardner. Don Austen, the founder of the charity, would state in a 2005 article on the case that he could still vividly recall the woman from Hollywood and that he was positive that she was Kim.

However, this woman was approximately four inches taller than Kim was reported to be and Kimberly's mother was sceptical as well so no investigative action was taken at that time.

Several years passed before investigators decided Kimberly Gardner and Kimberly Doss were probably the same people. By that time, Gardner was no longer in Hollywood and she hasn't been seen again and thus a definitive identification could not be established. This hasn't prevented several agencies to treat the alleged sighting as her date and place of disappearance. Texas authorities are assisting with the investigation into her disappearance.

The February 18, 1984 edition of Quad-City Times, a newspaper from Davenport, Iowa, however, presents a vastly different story. The article states that Kim has been missing for four years as of 1984. Due to her turning 18 in the meanwhile, police had removed her case from computer databases leaving her family and friends to be the ones to search for her. Kim's aunt Debbie Maylum is quoted stating that Kim disappeared in March of 1980. The aunt explained that Kim had had a fight with her boyfriend at the time which prompted her to leave for a friend's house. According to this version of the events, Kim was last heard from by her boyfriend via phone. Kim was allegedly staying with a friend called Debbie in Ridgeview and wanted to meet her boyfriend. The identity of this friend called Debbie has not been established. Kim's aunt expressed her belief that Kim may have been abducted and revealed that police considered her to be a runaway. Kim had also been distressed by the divorce of her parents and had run away to live with her father in Iowa after her mother moved from Louisiana to Texas.

A sergeant from the Davenport Police Department is also quoted saying that all juvenile missing person cases at the time were closed upon the person reaching the age of 18 with the exception of cases where foul play or mental disorder are suspected.


  • Brown hair.
  • Brown eyes.
  • Gap between upper front teeth.


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  1. Some agencies may list Los Angeles, California as the place where Kim disappeared.
  2. Some agencies may list March 24, 1980 or January 1, 1984 as the date of Kim's disappearance.
  3. She may also use the alternate birthdate of September 17, 1963
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