Kristin Denise Smart (also known by the nicknames "Kris," Roxy," and "Scritter")[1] was a young woman who went missing from the Cal Poly campus in 1996. Foul play is suspected in her disappearance and she was declared dead in 2002. In September 2016, search efforts would resume to find her remains.


Smart disappeared after she was seen returning to her residence hall with fellow student Paul Flores in the early hours of May 25, 1996. Both had previously left a party and had allegedly been drinking, although it has not been disclosed if either appeared intoxicated at this time. It is believed that she had not reached her destination, as there were no signs she had entered the room. A voluntary absence was unlikely, based on the fact that essential items for even a brief outing were present after her roommate became concerned.

Flores remains the prime suspect, based on his immediate withdrawal and departure from the university, and inconsistent statements about having a black eye on the day following Smart's disappearance. Her family has filed two lawsuits against Flores.

Investigation of her case did not occur until several days after she was last seen, as it was a holiday weekend. The response of cadaver dogs toward Flores' on-campus bed suggested there was (unspecified) material of suspicious nature. Once her absence was taken seriously, he has refused to cooperate with authorities. He also declined to accept a reduced charge of manslaughter if he disclosed the location of her remains.

Recent developments

In January 2020, it was reported that there was a major break in the case. Kristin’s mother, Denise Smart, said she had recently been contacted by the FBI and told to be ready for a development that could close the case. Shortly afterwards, the FBI came out and clarified that they had not reached out to Kristin's parents and that the person they spoke to was a former FBI agent. Later in January, it was confirmed that two vehicles are now in police evidence that relate to Kristin's disappearance.


  • Naturally brown hair, dyed dark blond
  • Brown eyes
  • Tanned complexion
  • Several birthmarks:
    • One near the left corner of her mouth.
    • One above and below the left cheekbone, near the ear
    • Left side of neck
    • Some on the left upper-arm


  • Gray tee shirt
  • Black nylon shorts
  • Red and white Puma shoes




  1. It is unknown how extensively these nicknames were used, or if she preferred to use them instead of her legal name. Most media sources refer to her as "Kristin."
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