Lake County John Doe is a man who was found murdered in Gary, Indiana. He had been carrying an ID that had belonged to someone at the Arizona Boys Ranch, a controversial boot-camp boarding school. It is unknown if the decedent had any connections to the school, however, it is stated that the Gary Police Department had investigated the case of the ID.


  • A possible bump, cyst, or birthmark near the right elbow.
  • Black hair.
  • Brown eyes.
  • Tattoo on the left shoulder, possibly an "R".

Clothing and accessories

  • A gold-colored necklace or chain.
  • "Yutu Sportswear" brand red and white leather-type reversible jacket with the word "Chicago" on the front. The reversible side was blue with the word "New York". The jacket was measured to be size extra-extra large.
  • "TRU Athletic" brand black mesh shirt, size extra large.
  • Red tank top.
  • "JC Jordan Craig" brand blue jeans, size 32x32.
  • Black nylon boxers, size medium.
  • A large do-rag, a close-fitted cloth cap used to accelerate hair growth, stop breakage, keep hair patterns from shifting while the user sleeps, or as a simple fashion choice.
  • "Sketchers" brand black shoes, size 10.5.
  • White socks.


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