Lanaye Girl
Sex Female
Race White
Location Lanaye, Belgium
Found May 31, 2009
Unidentified for 9 years
Postmortem interval Weeks
Body condition Unknown
Age approximation 14 - 24
Height approximation 162 cm / 5'4
Weight approximation 52 kg / 115 pounds
Cause of death Stabbing

Lanaye Girl was a teenager or young woman found murdered Belgium in 2009. Some believe she may have been Dutch, since the body was found in a canal that divides Belgium from the Netherlands.


On May 31, 2009, a walker found the body of a girl in the Albertkanaal, a canal that separates the Belgian province of Liège from the Dutch province of Limburg, near the village of Lanaye, municipality of Visé.

The girl, aged between 14 and 24 years, was of athletic build and had medium long blonde or dark blonde hair.She was naked, her legs were tied with a rope, and her throat had been cut. She had multiple stabbing wounds. Her body had been weighted down with a pair of barbells. It was estimated she had been in the water for one to five weeks.

Investigators are looking for two young men who were seen riding a tow truck near a watergate 300 metres from where the body was found, described as being 20 to 30 years old with wavy black hair.

Though she could have been thrown into the canal from either the Dutch or the Belgian side, her case received little coverage in the Dutch media, her case being investigated by French speaking Wallonian police.