Las Vegas John Doe was an identity thief who committed suicide in his motel room. He is believed to be of Germanic origin.


The man checked into the Tod Motor Motel in Las Vegas, Nevada on August 21, 2006. He failed to check out on September 11 as expected, prompting the manager to knock on his door. When he failed to receive a response, he unlocked the door with his pass key. Lying on the bed, the manager found the man unresponsive with a gun in his hands. He was pronounced dead at the scene, and he had apparently shot himself in the head.

In the room, police found numerous ID cards, one of which is known to have contained a photograph of the man. However, he had stolen the identity of a living man in California, who did not know who the decedent was. The man had used this stolen identity to obtain a job, which job has not been disclosed. His employer stated that he spoke in a heavy German accent.

In the motel room, a laptop was found, which contained a letter, described as a "journal-type" entry. The author of the letter addresses his sister Birgit/Brigit, a common German name. In the letter, the author refers to an ex-wife named Karen, who lives in Perth, which Perth is unknown, a daughter named Amy, and a childhood friend named Dirk Matthias. A Dirk Matthias was located but it is likely they had no connection to the man. The author of the letter claims that he had been in "past trouble".



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