Laundry Lady was a woman struck by a vehicle in 1987 in Arkansas. She was identified in March 2016.


The woman was hit by vehicle while walking along the North Service road on Highway 61 in West Memphis, Arkansas, on September 9, 1987. Her body was 150 feet away, as she had been thrown from the road due to impact. The people in the vehicle didn't stop as they thought they had just hit a barrel in the road.

A bag she was carrying was found nearby, which contained laundry supplies, prompting her to be nicknamed "Laundry Lady".

A business card was found on the victim's person, which contained the name and the number of a living person. The person was called and they said that they had given a ride to a woman matching her description a week prior to the accident.

The woman had been picked up in Nashville, Tennessee, and during the ride, the woman stated her name was 'Mary" and that she was from Phoenix, Arizona.

She was identified in March 2016, according to NamUS, no further information is available.


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