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Laurence Peterson
Laurence Peterson 02.jpg
Age 41
Race White
Sex Male
Location Shelter Island Marina,

British Columbia

Disappeared February 28, 1982
Missing for 39 years
Height 5'9"
Weight 181 pounds
Classification Not stated

Laurence Arthur Peterson (born 1940) was a man who disappeared alongside Randolph Johanson. The two men were reported missing by Laurence's girlfriend on March 3, 1982.


Laurence and Randolph were last seen leaving the Shelter Island Marina on their boats to travel to Lund, British Columbia. Randolph was using his 26-foot-long salvage tug boat to haul Laurence's 43-foot-long wooden halibut fishing vessel.

Laurence Peterson 01.jpg

It's possible that the two men left to start a new life.


  • Brown, wavy hair.
  • Blue eyes.
  • A medium build.


  • Laurence wore black, plastic glasses.