Lauria BibleFeatured case This case currently has a major lead being processed by investigators
Mis lauria bible1.jpgProgressed to 36
Age 16
Race White/Native American
Sex Female
Location Welch, Oklahoma
Disappeared December 29, 1999
Missing for 21 years
Height 5'5
Weight 130 pounds
Classification Suspected homicide

This case contains graphic content that may not be suitable for all readers.

Lauria Jaylene Bible was an American teen that went missing alongside her friend, Ashley Freeman. Ashley's parents were found dead inside of their burned residence, but neither of the girls was found. Foul play is suspected in their disappearances.

 Recent developments

In December 2017, documents believed to be critical to solving the cases were rediscovered by authorities.

By April 2018, a suspect was announced to be in police custody while the two other suspects had died.

Police believe the girls were kept alive for days, raped, and strangled.

In July 2020, a plea deal was reached in the case and the accused, Ronald Dean Busick, has agreed with prosecutors to help with the recovery of Ashley and Lauria's remains.



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