Lenny Hustin
Lenny hustin.jpg
Age 30
Race White
Sex Male
Location Middleton, Michigan
Disappeared February 5, 2000
Missing for 20 years
Height 5'5"
Weight 115 pounds
Classification Suspected homicide

Glenn Richard Hustin, Jr., best known by his nickname Lenny, was a young man who went missing in 2001.


Hustin was supposed to testify as a witness in a criminal case against his landlord and employer, Roger Eugene Brown, a week after he disappeared. He had witnessed Brown stealing weapons from another tenant's apartment and assaulting a child, and was charged with assault and larceny. Brown could have faced up to five years in prison on the larceny charge, but since Hustin was the only witness and did not appear in court, the charges were dismissed.

His bank account has not been touched since his disappearance, and his family believes he is deceased.


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