Lime Lady
Lime Lady CK
Sex Female
Race White
Location Jones, Oklahoma
Found April 18, 1980
Unidentified for 39 years
Postmortem interval 10 days - Months
Body condition Mummified
Age approximation 18 - 25
Height approximation 5'6
Weight approximation 115 - 120 pounds
Cause of death Gunshot (homicide)

"Lime Lady" was a young woman found murdered in 1980 in Oklahoma. She was given such a nickname for quicklime that was poured over her body in an attempt to quicken decomposition, which had actually mummified her and preserved evidence.

She is currently undergoing testing by the DNA Doe Project.


The woman's unclothed body was recovered on the shore of the North Canadian River. She had been shot three times with a .45 caliber revolver. Following her death, the responsible party poured quicklime on the remains in an attempt to quicken decomposition, which ended up preserving the remains.

When she was shot, one of the bullets hit a dime, indicating she was clothed when murdered. The shooter was facing the victim and moving toward her when they fired.

In 2014, police obtained a DNA profile from the victim.


  • She had a professionally done heart-shaped tattoo above her left breast.
  • Blond to light brown hair extending to her shoulders
  • She had a light complexion
  • Freckles
  • Appendectomy scar
  • Extensive dental work, although some teeth were crooked.


  • May have been a runaway and therefore not been reported missing
  • May have previously been in the foster care system
  • Might have been the victim of a drive-by shooting
  • May have been from a middle-class background
  • May have been involved with one of the biker-gangs that were active in the area
  • May have been killed by a local from the area
  • May have been Corrine Anita Hagler from California
  • May have been Cindy May Brown from Minnesota
  • May have been Mary Frances Gregory from Ontario, Canada
  • May have been Margaret Kay Holst from Nebraska
  • May have been April Rose Zane from Illinois


  • Alma Violet Root from California Rule Out
  • Rose Lena Cole from California Rule Out
  • Maria "Mia" Anjiras from Connecticut Rule Out
  • Tina Kemp from Delaware Rule Out
  • Amy Billig from Florida Rule Out
  • Carol Elaine Donn from Florida Rule Out
  • Susan Hallowell from Florida Rule Out
  • Margaret Hayes from Indiana Rule Out
  • Nancy Lynn Jason from Maryland Rule Out
  • Paulette Susan Jaster from Michigan Rule Out
  • Mary Lynn Andersen/Shondel from Minnesota Rule Out
  • An unknown woman from Butterfield, Missouri Rule Out
  • Linda Davis from Oklahoma Rule Out
  • Teresa Gail Cupps from Oklahoma Rule Out
  • Stephanie Michele Buehler from Texas Rule Out
  • Lisa Jane Borden from Texas Rule Out
  • Kristy Booth from Texas Rule Out
  • Barbara Monaco from Virginia Rule Out