Linda Anger
Linda anger.jpg
Age 40
Race White
Sex Female
Location Rochester, Minnesota
Byron, Minnesota
Disappeared May 7, 1993
Missing for 28 years
Height 5'8
Weight 130 pounds
Classification Suspected homicide

Linda Jean Anger was a woman who disappeared from either Rochester, Minnesota, or Byron, Minnesota, in 1993. Foul play is suspected in her case, and her now deceased ex-husband is considered a person of interest.


Her children last saw her inside their residence at 7:30 am. Her ex-husband claimed that he then dropped her off at the Olmsted County Courthouse for a scheduled 8:00 am appointment with social services. She did not show up to the appointment, although it is unclear whether she actually had an appointment. 


  • Brown hair.
  • Green eyes.

Clothing and accessories

  • Gray ski jacket.
  • Purple Levi jeans.
  • White sneakers.
  • Carrying a pink cigarette case and paperwork.
  • Wears glasses.


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