Lindsey Jill Nicholls was a girl who disappeared from her temporary foster home in Comox Valley, British Columbia, in 1993. She was believed to have been hitchhiking to visit friends in nearby Courtenay.


  • Blond shoulder-length hair, dyed with red henna, and green eyes.
  • Wearing blue jeans, a khaki silk top, a blue and pink checkered top and white runners.


Lindsey's family had recently moved to Vancouver Island from BC's lower mainland after her father - an RCMP officer - had been transferred to Comox. Lindsey was upset by the move and had run away from home in April 1993. After finding her a short time later, living with a friend in their previous home of Delta, Lindsey was placed in a group home near her parents. By all accounts, her mental health and relationship with her family seemed to be steadily improving in the months leading up to her disappearance.

She left at approximately 10:30 am on August 2, after an argument with her foster mother, stating that she was going to visit her friends in Courtenay. She was last seen by her foster mother walking down Royston road, likely intending to hitchhike to her destination.

Although another runaway attempt was initially suspected, this was deemed increasingly unlikely as the investigation progressed. She had left all of her belongings and treasured possessions behind in her room, and her close friends denied knowledge of any plans she had made to disappear. Due to the length of time, Lindsey has been missing with no reported sightings, foul play is now strongly suspected in her case.

Her mother, Judy Peterson, began spearheading a campaign in 2000 to add the DNA samples from missing persons to the national DNA database used by law enforcement. This bill, which successfully passed in 2014, is named "Lindsey's Law."


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