Lisa White
Lisa joy white.jpgProgressed to age 56
Age 13
Race White
Sex Female
Location Vernon, Connecticut
Disappeared November 1, 1974
Missing for 45 years
Height 5'
Weight 110 pounds
Classification Suspected homicide

Lisa Joy White was a girl who went missing in 1974 after walking home from a friend's house. She had a history of underage drinking and was known to be romantically involved with older males and she had left a note for her mother indicating she had run away with one. Foul play is now suspected in her case and some speculate her case is related to that of Janice Pockett.


  • Lisa had orthodontic treatment on her teeth.
  • She was involved in dancing and acrobatics and was in good physical condition.
  • Her eyes were blue.
  • Her hair was blond.
  • She has a small pockmark above her right eye.


  • She wore a pair of green pants.
  • She wore a blue denim jacket.



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