Little Miss 1565
Sex Female
Race White
Location Hartford, Connecticut
Found July 6, 1944
Unidentified for 76 years
Postmortem interval Same day
Body condition Recognizable face
Age approximation 8-10
Height approximation 3'11 - 4'0
Weight approximation 55-65 pounds
Cause of death Asphyxiation

Little Miss 1565, also known as Little Miss Nobody, was one of the five unidentified victims of the Hartford Circus Fire in 1944.


  • Probably blue eyes.
  • Head circumference 20 1/2".
  • Blonde or light brown shoulder length curly hair.
  • All baby teeth present except lower central incisors.
  • Permanent lower central incisors present.


  • Brown shoes.
  • Flowered dress.


It was announced in 1991 that the victim was identified as Eleanor Emily Cook via hair sample comparison and the remains were buried next to Cook's brother, another victim of the fire.

Family members stated the unidentified girl did not bear a resemblance to Cook, and she remains listed on NamUs as an unidentified person.


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