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For the victim found in 1989, see Karen Price.

"Little Miss Nobody" was a child found deceased in an Arizona desert in 1960.


The child's body was discovered in a shallow grave in a desert near Congress, Yavapai County, Arizona. Her cause of death was not successfully determined, yet foul play has been considered a possibility as she was buried in a shallow grave and a pocket knife with blood on it was near the scene.

She was exhumed in 2018, where a facial reconstruction was created for the first time. Examination of her skeleton suggested she was most likely between three and six when she died, and she was probably stood at about 3'6.


  • Brown hair that may have been dyed auburn.
  • Her finger and toenails were painted a bright red color.
  • A full set of baby teeth in perfect condition.


  • A pair of white or pink shorts.
  • A checked blouse.
  • Men's flip-flop sandals cut down to her shoe size.




  1. The child has been listed to have been in recognizable condition by some sources, while most state she was too decomposed for visual identification.