Lompoc Jane Doe was a woman found stabbed to death in a quarry in 1969. Investigators believe she was killed the same place she was found in.

Mystery author Sue Grafton's novel Q is for Quarry, loosely based on the Jane Doe's case, helped reactivate the investigation.


  • Protruding front teeth.
  • 19 fillings done a year or two antemortem.
    • Dental work may have been done abroad.
  • Pierced ears.
  • Silver nail polish.
  • Shoulder-length brown hair dyed a reddish-blond color.

Clothing and accessories

  • Brown sandals with gold-colored buckles.
  • Dark blue blouse.
  • Homemade hip-hugger bell-bottom pants with a blue floral pattern (daisies with a red center).
  • Thin, horseshoe-shaped golden earrings.
  • Black bra.
  • Pink bikini panties.


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