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This individual's NamUs file has recently been removed. While this implies the resolution of a case, no identification has been confirmed at this time.

Los Angeles County Doe is an individual whose partial skeletal remains were discovered by a hiker in California. The tags had been removed from all of their clothing, indicating that the decedent may have been trying to conceal their identity.


  • Hair described as short and either being blond or light brown.

Backpack found on decedent

Clothing and accessories

  • 1 meter long brown belt.
  • Camouflage button-up battle dress uniform shirt decorated with a French Foreign Legion patch, indicating the decedent may have belonged to one of the regiments in the organization.
  • Camouflage battle dress uniform pants.
  • Black t-shirt with a small "Syntec" logo on the left sleeve.
  • White t-shirt with a "Superior Gunite Construction" logo on the back.
  • Blue backpack with red accents.
  • "Keystone Light" beer cans.
  • A pack of "Marlboro Gold" cigarettes.
  • 3 can koozies.
  • Disposable lighter.
  • Disposable surgical-style face masks.
  • Red bandana.
  • "Accusplit" brand clip-on pedometer.
  • "Hi-Tec" brand men's black hiking boots, size 10.5.