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Los Angeles Jane Doe was a woman who jumped onto the tracks at the Hollywood & Vine Metro Station. She was struck by a Metro B Line train and was killed on impact.


  • Short black braids ~2" in length.
  • Brown eyes.
  • She bore 3 tattoos on her body:
    • A cross accompanied by a dove on her right upper arm and shoulder.
    • The phrase "Loyalty is Love" written in cursive on her right forearm. The "i" in the phrase has a heart for its tittle instead of a dot.
    • "4-25-94" written on left forearm.


  • "Champion" brand purple sweater, size 2X.
  • Black sports bra.
  • Multicolored leggings.
  • "Hanes" brand blue and white underwear, size XL.
  • "Nike" brand gray tennis shoes, size 10.


  • Blythe Hearn