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Los Angeles John Doe was a male who was found deceased in Los Angeles, California in 2019. He was identified later that year.


The decedent was observed before he was found holding or hugging a trash bin by a bystander. Shortly afterwards, he was discovered unresponsive on the ground. An ambulance was called but the man was pronounced dead at the scene by paramedics.

According to law enforcement, he was a transient that was known in the area and often drank alcohol.

Clothing and accessories

  • Blue Long-sleeve Forsyth of Canada Inc. button shirt (Size 3XL)
  • Blue Rockaware jeans (Size 40x30)
  • Black Mossimo' zip-up jacket (Size L)
  • Brown Belt
  • Gray LA baseball cap
  • Black Magnum work boots (Size 10)
  • Black socks
  • White Sunglasses
  • Radio Walkman