Louie T. Valdivio is the possible name of a man whose mummified remains were found by hunters in a mountainous region in the vicinity of Globe, Arizona. It is possible the victim was backpacking in the area at the time.


  • Brown hair nine centimeters in length. Five to ten percent of it was gray.
  • The decedent suffered from trauma to the right side of his body as a child or adolescent. The right temple and behind the right ear may have been abnormal or scarred and his right arm may have been slightly disfigured or smaller in size with limited movement.
  • According to a skeletal pathology, he may have had gout in both wrists and hands and was more prominent on the left side.

Clothing and Accessories

  • Blue stocking cap.
  • Blue "Recreational Equipment, Inc." jacket, size small.
  • Blue denim "Jean Joint" shirt with western-style pearl-colored buttons, size 14-14.5.
  • T-shirt.
  • Blue denim "Levi's", size unknown.
  • Brown belt with two parallel rows of eyelets. A knife sheat/case was over the left front part of the belt.
  • White socks with blue trims.
  • Blue socks.
  • Brown "Sears" hiking boots, size unknown.
  • White metal necklace with pendant.
  • Carved wooden pipe.
  • Blue nylon wallet.
  • Compass in purple cloth case.
  • Red Swiss army knife found in sheath on belt.
  • Small blue note pad with name "Louie T. Valdivio". Written on the sheets of this note pad were song lyrics or a poem.


The following individuals have been ruled-out as the victim per NamUs:


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