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Louisiana Jane Doe is a woman who was found murdered in an unknown part of Louisiana[1], United States on April 2, 1994.


Between 1991 to 1995, twenty-eight people, twenty-three women, four transgender women, and one individual of unknown gender, were found strangled or suffocated in the New Orleans area. Many of the victims were sex workers and/or drug addicts. The killings are sometimes referred to as the Storyville Slayings.

During the investigation, there were at least two suspects. One was Victor Gant, a former New Orleans police officer who had connections with victims Sharon Robinson and Karen Ivester with Gant having a history of domestic abuse against Robinson. The second suspect was a drug dealer and addict named Russel Elwood, who was charged with two of the murders, that of Cheryl Lewis and Dolores Mack. Elwood was convicted of Lewis' murder and the charge for Mack's murder was dropped. However, the rest of the twenty-seven cases remain unsolved, with six of the victims, including this one, still unidentified.



  1. Although many of the murders were in Orleans Parish, other murders occurred in neighboring parishes. It is not stated which parish this victim was murdered or found in.
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