Luzerne County Jane Doe was a woman found in 1994. Her cause of death was never determined but is presumed to have been homicide.


The woman's skeletal remains were discovered near an abandoned mine, left above ground with no evidence of burial. A foreign metal fragment was located in the lower jaw.

Isotope analysis by the University of South Florida indicated she spent time in Texas, Florida or other Southeastern states before she died.


  • She likely had at least one child.
  • she was likely right-handed
  • she likely had a medium-build
  • Osteoarthritis was noted in her back and left, which possibly caused her discomfort and possibly a limp.


  • A yellow or gold-colored T-Shirt reading "Kiss My Ass, I'm on Vacation.".
  • Light-colored Macgregor brand sweatpants.
  • Boy's British Knight shoe, size six.
  • Hanes Her Way  Underwear (description unavailable).



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