Lycoming County John Doe was a man found floating in a river in Muncy, Pennsylvania on February 13, 1861. He was brought ashore Mr. Fleming Edwards and an inquest was held by P.I. Painter where the death was determined to be from drowning. The next day, he was interred and buried in one of the public lots of Muncy Cemetery in Muncy. It is speculated the victim is an Irishman.


  • Dark hair.
  • Thin red whiskers.


  • Check shirt.
  • Knit woolen undershirt.
  • Black cloth vest.
  • Steel mixed satinet pants.
  • Muslin overalls.
  • Leather strap buckled around the waist.
  • Short woolen stockings.
  • Heavy coarse boots with a small patch on the leg of one of the boots.


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