Malibu John Doe was a male whose body washed up on a California beach.


The decedent was found by residents of the local area. His fully-clothed body had appeared to come ashore after he had spent a relatively short period of time in the water, as it is believed that the victim died after the beginning of the new year. His cause of death is unlisted.

The victim is considered to have been generally facially recognizable upon discovery, although some aspects of his appearance were slightly altered as a result of postmortem changes.

There are several indications that the decedent had originated from Europe. The victim was found with a large quantity of Swiss currency, which was mixed in with American money. He was also found with several articles of clothing that appear to have originated from Spain and Portugal.


  • Brown hair, about 20 cm (roughly eight inches) long
  • Corneal clouding from decomposition prevented conclusive determination of his eye color.
  • He had short fingernails and increased keratin in his right fifth toe.
  • He was not circumcised.

Clothing and accessories

  • Brown, velvet-like money pouch
  • Black jacket with plaid lining and corduroy collar
  • Black, long-sleeved, size Large Michael Jackson t-shirt (made in Portugal)
  • A white short sleeve polo shirt with the logo "Heineken Beer" over the left chest. The label says "Especially made for Heinekens EL". (made in Portugal)
  • Light blue jeans with the name "Larri" on waist buttons. The jeans also had a label reading, "Manager-Madrid-Larri".
  • Blue Jockey underwear, size medium
  • White socks with red-and-white trim at the top.
  • White Adidas low-top tennis shoes in good condition (made in Taiwan).
  • The decedent also had a broken yellow metal chain, which may have once belonged to a watch.


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