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Melpeque Bay John Doe was found by fisherman near the shores of northern Prince Edward Island, Canada, in 1997. He is currently the only known unidentified body in the province.

Based upon currents, and time spent in the water, it is very likely that his remains originated in northern New Brunswick, Quebec, or the Magdelen Islands.


Investigators initially believed that, the man would be relatively easy to identify due to unusual physical characteristics. After a year of combing through missing person files and receiving next to no leads from the public, however, the case grew cold.

The case was reopened in 2010, and new coroner laws came into effect which allowed police to exhume the body in order to acquire DNA samples, a second medical examination, and to create a facial reconstruction.

The bust of the man was unveiled in April of 2014. This reconstruction showcased the unique proportions of his skull; namely his unusually low forehead, projecting lower jaw, a small mouth, high cheekbones, and a thick neck.

No other distinguishing marks or features of the body were released. He had several missing and decayed teeth at the back of his mouth which may not have been particularly noticeable.


He was found wearing:

  • A black leather belt with a large chain shaped Jack Daniels< belt buckle, made for a size 36-inch waist.
  • Broadway blue jeans with a bilingual (French and English) logo.
  • Underwear with the initials "G.L." written in marker on the tag
  • White sports socks
  • Black leather zipper style boots (size 10)

He also had a small amount of money.