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Marcia King
Name Marcia Lenore King
Sex Female
Found April 24, 1981
Location Troy, Ohio
Missing from Little Rock, Arkansas
Identified April 9, 2018
Span 36 years
Age 21
Cause of death Strangulation
Marcia Lenore Sossoman King, (June 9, 1959 - April 22, 1981), was a young woman found murdered in Troy, Miami County, Ohio on April 24, 1981. She was identified on April 9, 2018 and her identity was released on April 11. While she remained unidentified, she was known by the nickname "Buckskin Girl."


King was known to hitchhike and was last seen sometime in 1980. A missing person report was never filed by police due to the fact that she was an adult at the time she disappeared.

Her body was found within 36 hours after she was strangled and beaten to death and left at the side of a road. At the time she died, she wore a deerskin poncho (leading to her nickname) that appeared homemade, a purple and orange sweater and bell bottom jeans. Her hair was tied into two braided pigtails.

Recent pollen tests on her clothing confirmed speculation that she was a "wanderer," as she had likely spent time in various regions in the United States, including the Northeast and Western states before she died in Ohio.

Extensive investigation has ruled out over two-hundred missing females.


  • She was found near a road in the 1980s and may be involved in the Redhead murders.Rule Out
    • She may have been a victim of a different serial killer.Acknowledged

Media appearances

  • While unidentified, she had a brief appearance in Unsolved Mysteries when Patrice Corley's case was profiled.



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