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Margaret Fox
Margaret Fox.jpgprogressed to 56
Age 14
Race White
Sex Female
Location Burlington, New Jersey
Disappeared June 24, 1974
Missing for 47 years
Height 5'2
Weight 105 pounds
Classification Suspected homicide

Margaret Ellen Fox was a teenage girl who disappeared from Burlington, New Jersey, in 1974. After she went missing, an unknown man called for a $10,000 ransom, yet she was never located. The call was released decades after taking place, in hopes to identify the perpetrator.


  • Blue eyes.
  • Brown hair.
  • Two of her top front teeth were missing at the time of her disappearance.
  • Freckles.

Clothing and accessories

  • Light blue, flora pattern, long sleeved blouse.
  • Black and white or blue and white checkered jacket.
  • Maroon flared jeans with a yellow patch on one knee.
  • Brown sandals.
  • Brown bag.
  • Gold charm bracelet with a blue stone .
  • Gold necklace with a blue stone and flowers.
  • A glasses case.