Maricopa County John Doe is a man who was found in a desert area near Crozier Road and Sun Valley Parkway at Surprise, Arizona on September 2, 2006. His dental x-rays are available and his DNA will be uploaded into CODIS. It is believed he is buried at the White Tanks Cemetery in Goodyear, Arizona, but his grave mislabels the date as "September 6, 2006". Few details are available in his case.


  • Light brown curly hair that was balding in the front.
  • Beard and mustache.
  • Several fillings on the teeth.
  • Old injury of healed rib fractures. 

Clothing and Accessories

  • Brown shorts.
  • Silver-colored ring with a black stone on his left finger.[1]


The following individuals have been ruled out as the victim per the Maricopa County Office of the Medical Examiner:

  • Jeffery Pysher



  1. The articles says, 'has black on it'. It is likely referring to a black stone on the ring, but the word 'stone' was cut off for unknown reasons.
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