Marlene Abigosis
Marlene Abigosis.jpg
Age 26
Race First Nations
Sex Female
Location Vancouver, British Columbia
Disappeared December 1983

January 1984

Missing for 37 years
Height 5' 6"
Weight 119 - 120 pounds
Classification Not stated

Marlene Yvonne Abigosis (born November 23, 1957) was a young woman from the Pine Creek First Nation who disappeared from Vancouver's Downtown Eastside.

She was known to use the names Darlene Campbell, Clara Ross, and Darlene Richards. She may have spelled her surname as Abigeosis.


  • Brown eyes
  • Black, wavy, shoulder length hair
  • Slim build
  • Tan, ruddy complexion
  • History of drug and alcohol abuse

Life prior to disappearance

Marlene was the eighth born child of Frank and Vitaline Abigosis' fourteen children. Marlene attended residential school as a child. When she was eighteen, she struggled to adjust to life outside of residential school and became an alcoholic.

At the time of her disappearance, Marlene was a known drug user, sex worker, and occasionally found herself homeless. She was known to work near the docks, where she had clients that owned boats and occasionally took her on trips to Vancouver Island and Washington state.


The last person to hear from Marlene was her sister, Valerie Abigosis. Before Christmas in 1983, Valerie received a phone call from Marlene, who was crying because she was tired of her lifestyle. She told Valerie she intended on leaving Vancouver for Calgary, Alberta. Valerie lived in Revelstroke, British Columbia at the time and assumed Marlene would stop by her residence while traveling to Calgary, as Revelstroke was along the highway to Calgary.

Marlene never stopped by Valerie's residence. Valerie attempted to report her sister missing several times, but was dismissed each time. Marlene wasn't successfully reported missing until May 22, 2002.

DNA was taken from his sister to investigate a potential link to serial killer Robert Pickton. There were no matches from samples taken from his farm.


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