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Maurice Freeman Long (born March 13, 1964) was a man found deceased in Georgia intersection on March 11, 1985. The location he was discovered was near Interstate 75.

He was identified in May 2020.


A man's body was discovered on a dirt road by a school bus driver on March 11, 1985. He had been shot to death in a homicide, but his cause of death was never released until he was identified.

On May 21, 2020, he was confirmed to have been identified. The identification was made by comparing fingerprints to a 21 year old man named Maurice Long, who was arrested in Atlanta, Georgia, for criminal trespassing in January 1985.

Tragically, he was found dead 2 days after his 21st birthday. It's believed that someone shot Long in a car, and drove along the Interstate to find a place to dump his body. Despite his identification, it doesn't seem that anyone has attempted to look for Long after he vanished.

Investigators think his parents are dead, but that some of his relatives are still alive. They also suspect that one of his parents may have been in the military.