Meryl Newcombe
Meryl Newcombe 01.jpg
Age 50
Race White
Sex Male
Location White River and Chapleau,


Disappeared October 23, 1959
Missing for 61 years
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Classification Not stated

Meryl Newcombe (Born 1909) was a man who disappeared alongside George Weeden.


On October 22, 1959, Meryl and George boarded a train heading westbound to Amyot. They were planning a hunting trip and were going to stay at Meryl's family operated lodge, which was located at Mile 107 of the CPR line. They were last seen between mile markers 106 and 107 by the train's crew members and two Indigenous trappers.

The two men were reported missing after they failed to show up for work on October 27 or 29, 1959. Despite a massive search for them being carried out at the time and another one taking place in the spring of 1960, neither man has been found.


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