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Michael Wayne Dunahee
Michael-wayne-dunahee1.jpgAge progressed to 26 years
Age 4
Race White
Sex Male
Location Victoria, BC
Disappeared March 24, 1991
Missing for 30 years
Height 3 ft 0 in
Weight 51lb
Classification Suspected homicide

Michael Wayne Dunahee was just four years old when, in 1991, he suddenly disappeared from the playground at Blanshard Elementary School in Victoria, British Columbia. He was there with his mother, father and younger sister. He is believed to have been abducted.

When Michael disappeared, he was wearing blue sneakers, a white Ninja Turtles t-shirt, a blue jacket with red hood and lining, and rugby pants.

His disappearance prompted one of the largest police investigations in Canadian history and received a great deal of news coverage for years, across both Canada and the United States. Unfortunately, despite thousands of tips and a substantial reward for information, police are no closer to uncovering the fate of the young boy.